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A Guide to Improving Your Cancer Recovery With Exercise

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Cover of Active Against Cancer BookYou don’t always have a choice about what happens to your health, but you always have choices about how you will respond. My first goal was to regain my health, so I did everything that I could to achieve that goal. I believe that good self-care is an important part of cancer recovery.

    My second goal was to give back to the cancer community with this book. I researched the subject intensively so that I could provide a resource that is practical, inspiring, and medically accurate. 

     The book was read through by two oncologists and a physical therapist prior to final editing. You should consult with your doctor about your own individual exercise plans, but you will find the book full of helpful, accurate medical and sports information. I didn’t assume to know exactly where you are in your cancer challenge, but I did assume that you want your health back.

      No matter where you are on your cancer journey, I wish you strength on your journey, and peace on your path.” – Nancy Brennan