Do Everything, Don’t Do Too Much

It’s ironic. My two main tenets of cancer recovery seem to be opposite in intent. Do everything that you can to recover from cancer well, and don’t do too much of anything, including exercise. Let’s look closer at this.

I believe that a mindset of “I will do everything I can to beat cancer” is crucial. I wanted to rally; I wanted to show cancer that I was serious about my recovery. Practically speaking, I wanted to use every reasonable remedy or approach that was available.

  1. Group support.
  2. Visualizations.
  3. Herbs and supplements.
  4. Exercising moderately and cautiously.
  5. Diet modifications that favored health.
  6. Re-examine my life purpose.
  7. Positive relationships and love.
  8. Music for healing.
  9. All manner of best medical treatments.
  10. Therapy and counseling.
  11. Acupuncture.
  12. Readily admitting my “negative” emotions of fear, anger and suffering.
  13. Hope.

These were some of my tools. I took all those tools out of the toolbox to fight cancer. Even though some days it seemed like maybe I should just expect chemo and surgery to “beat cancer” for me, I wanted to use all the tools that made sense to me. I got expert advice where I could, and I was careful when I couldn’t. I didn’t do anything that seemed risky in itself. I tried to be sensible but also thorough.

For me, this “do everything” approach meant that I would have no regrets later if my cancer came back. I was doing the best that I could to fight cancer.

And along with “doing everything”, I was moderate and didn’t do too much of anything, including exercise.

You can read more about specific examples of what types and amounts of exercise are advised in my book, Active Against Cancer.