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Foreword Magazine’s “Clarion” Book Review
Active Against Cancer’s book review in Clarion magazine.

Here’s a short excerpt.

“…One of the book’s great strengths is the practical, easy-to-follow advice that Brennan provides. She is an invaluable guide to cancer recovery. She is neither a chirpy cheerleader encouraging readers to run a marathon, nor a stern coach making dire predictions about what can happen if exercise isn’t part of a recovery plan. Instead, her tone and insights spring from her own long road to recovery.”

Midwest Book Review

This short review appeared  in November’s “Small Press Bookwatch.

Good health is the best weapon against illness. Active Against Cancer: A Guide to Improving Your Cancer Recovery with Exercise is an advocacy of good health from Nancy S. Brennan. Stating that good health is not only a vital act as prevention, but in recovery, sharing stories form other survivors who in their own way beat their cancer with good and long life, Active Against Cancer is a strong and much recommended pick for anyone seeking greater health in their lives.


From Shannon Miller Healthy Lifestyle website, as part of their book review of Active Against Cancer:

“We think all cancer patients and survivors should have this book to share it’s knowledge to all. Many thanks to Nancy for sharing this book with us here at SML!”

From Donna Smyers, M.S., P.T. and six-time age-group (amateur) World Triathlon Champion:

“I can’t think of a more empowering way to fight cancer. Whether or not you are a seasoned athlete, this book should give you motivation and inspiration. Both professionally and personally, I have seen the benefits of activity over inactivity, on the mind and body, as presented in Active Against Cancer. The information is clear and sound. This book should be helpful reading for those diagnosed with cancer and those close to somebody fighting cancer.”

From oncologist and distance runner John Valentine, MD, at Mountainview Medical Practice, Central Vermont Medical Center, Berlin, Vermont:

“Like the author, I know as an athlete that my body functions better with exercise, yet as an internist and an oncologist, I know that many of my patients do not have a regular exercise program. I hope that Active Against Cancer can motivate some of my patients to use exercise to help themselves. I plan to make this book available to patients at my office.”

From Kate Carter, founder and former editor of Vermont Sports magazine:

Active Against Cancer encourages you to get up, get out, and get some exercise. Author Nancy S. Brennan, a cancer survivor herself, speaks from her own experience and others’ when she describes how exercising through cancer recovery can make you feel better physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Even when the going gets tough, this book will motivate you to do some sort of daily workout, no matter how insignificant it might seem, because any workout is better than no workout. Active Against Cancer will inspire you to make exercise a habit that you will look forward to, every day.”

From Barbara Pike, Nordic skier, cyclist, breast cancer survivor and adventurous outdoor athlete:

Active Against Cancer provides inspiration and practical advice for starting and continuing an exercise program during and after cancer treatment. For me, riding my bicycle to daily radiation therapy demonstrated to myself and others that I–and not the treatments–was in control of my life and my health. I would recommend this encouraging book to help others who are facing cancer to be active in their own ways.”