Lovely Endorsement from Shannon Miller

This past year, Shannon Miller, who runs a business named Shannon Miller Healthy Lifestyle, (aka SML) went public with her fight with cancer. Shannon, you may recall, is an Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics.

She is also a wife and mother now. Her ovarian cancer episode was, to many, shocking both because she is young and because she has such a healthy lifestyle. As I know only too well, myself, a healthy lifestyle does not eliminate all cancer risk.

Shannon bravely detailed her cancer challenge on her website’s blog. When Active Against Cancer, my book, was first out, USA Today newspaper ran a story about Shannon’s being in chemotherapy. I sent her the book immediately, and I hoped that it would help her feel encouraged.

Of course, I’m not saying that I had a lot to teach an Olympic gold medal gymnast about fitness (NOT!), but I thought that the words of experts who advocate for exercise during cancer treatment would be meaningful to her. I followed along, in her blog and in the media, as she went from chemo patient, to educator, to spokesperson for pro-active cancer survivors, and onward. Now, she’s a vibrant cancer survivor. I’ve rooted for her complete recovery.

She seems to be doing great! Chemo is over and there is no evidence of disease, according to her website updates. Shannon is using the whole episode to help others with their cancer challenges. Thank you, Shannon.

Recently, she made this lovely endorsement of Active Against Cancer on her website. She said, in part, “We think all cancer patients and survivors should have this book to share its knowledge [with] all. Many thanks to Nancy for sharing this book with us here at SML!”

Cancer makes it a small world, sometimes, or a big club. Let’s all root for health for 2012.