Taking Health for Granted?

I remember reading a cancer-related book, during my months of chemotherapy. The author had written, in his forward, that people sometimes wrote to him along these lines: “Are you still alive? I don’t want to take advice about my cancer recovery if you’re not.” Funny/not that funny.

I’m still here. I’m still without evidence of any cancer. I’m healthy. But… honestly, I have let stress about work, politics, the pandemic, work, work, and more work, get the better of my health intentions for some time now. (OK, the pandemic is new, but the rest is not.) I run a small business and I have told myself for about five years, that “it’s OK if I don’t spend as much time having fun, getting outdoors or staying active for a little while.”

Except that new routines of over-work and too much sitting have their ways of becoming — just that — “routine”. So, I am putting one foot in front of the other, going out the door, and trying to re-adopt my more active, more happy, more welcome lifelong habits. And over the last few months, I’m turning the tide of inactivity and over-work back to the familiar ways of being active.

See you out there on the trails! Make every day count, and take none of them for granted! – Peace, Nancy