Commit to Exercise: Start Today

I’m currently preparing for two interviews (web-radio and TV) and I have been considering what is the most important thing to tell people in cancer recovery about exercise. Certainly, as related in the first two chapters book, it’s important to tell people why exercise is so important during cancer recovery.

It’s not just on my say-so, of course. A panel of 14 experts in the field studied all the available medical studies on the topic and presented their conclusions to the clinical oncologists of the US last June. “Avoid inactivity,” the panel said. Cancer patients should avoid inactivity. Be active, in other words.

But, after you have the information about why you should exercise, will you do it? You will or you won’t. So, to me, someone with a cancer challenge faces a crucial decision. Will they commit to exercising during their cancer recovery? You can’t “sort of” commit and expect the same results as someone who commits to it. I’m sure that you know the difference between how you act when you “think something would be good for you” but you’re not really dedicated to it. Don’t let your plan to exercise flounder with a half-hearted attempt.

The most important thing that you can do for your health and your cancer recovery, in terms of adding exercise, is to commit to exercising consistently and in the appropriate amounts and correct ways. That’s what my book helps you with–to know what to do and why. But the commitment–that’s up to you. I can only hope to convince you that it will be one of the best commitments of your life.

Be active against cancer.