Momentum is building

Point taken: Book-building is a group activity. My house is a hive of activity, all centered around bringing a good book to the public this spring. It’s a little hectic right now, but while I can take a breath, here are some people to thank. In no particular order.

  • Quick with a virtual red pen, copyeditor and proofreader Kate Carter.
  • Quick with a bon mot, suggestion or complete rewrite, my husband.
  • Helping in the wings with motivation, faith, and Yankee pragmagtism, my mother.
  • “Can I read it?” Friends, professionals, and cancer survivors: you know who you are.
  • My book designer (team, actually) at Studio 6 Press. Excellent! Thanks!
  • The agent who said yes, giving me the thrill of acceptance. Temporary, but thrilling.
  • CreateSpace, that gave me the thrill of complete self-publishing control. Permanent.
  • The doctors who read the manuscript and gave informative interviews.

And very importantly, the cancer survivors who gave me long interviews about their experiences with exercise and cancer.

Thank you, everyone. We’re almost at pub date and I still have my hair.

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