Silver Lining?

I’m not much of a one for “silver linings,” but I have to admit that I have more time to write my book this winter because I messed up my knee one year ago in a ski fall. This winter, post-ACL repair surgery, I’m not “allowed” to ski down hills on my cross country skis. Which slows things down a lot because that means skiing only on the flats. I love hills. I miss them, but I want my knee to be 100% and I do not want another surgery. So, I listen to my surgeon and do what he says. “No hills, this year, period.”

And I have, ironically, made good use of the time not spent skiing by writing about the merits of exercise. Sometimes, life is funny like that. A silver lining to my sports injury is that I can hopefully help others be more active and more healthy in their cancer recovery!

Sure do miss those hills, though, both up and down!